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Learn English Online with Real Teachers

TC Website CompositeOxford University Press and Eleutian Technology have created an innovative new online learning platform called TeachCast with Oxford, which provides:

Best-selling content

TeachCast with Oxford uses three of Oxford’s most successful courses, starting with Let’s Go for children to Headway for secondary and adult students and Business Venture for professionals who want to improve their English for business purposes.

Full-featured online learning platform

Interactive self-study modules with unlimited activity review that enables anytime, anywhere learning. Progress tracking and LMS functionality allow students to assess improvement on an individual basis.

Daily live lessons with qualified teachers

Lessons are broadcast daily to assist students in learning and to motivate them to study. All Eleutian teachers are licensed to teach in U.S. public or private schools.

Placement testing

The Oxford Online Placement Test is integrated into the platform to enable quick and accurate placement of students.

Student support, security and privacy

Local language menus can easily be provided for most languages and the latest technology ensures student security and privacy.

Choose the course that’s right for you

Online Placement Tests

The quick, easy and reliable way to test students’ English level.

Oxford Online Placement Test

Oxford Online Placement Test Screenshot

Oxford Young Learners Placement Test

Oxford Young Learners Placement Test Screenshot

Test a student’s level of English online with the Oxford Online Placement Test for teenage and adult students, and the Oxford Young Learners Placement Test for young learners aged 7-12 years.

The tests are automatically marked and results are available instantly. Each student gets a range of scores including CEFR level and numerical scores. These scores are then used to place a student in the relevant level of the course.

Written by assessment experts, the online placement tests are pretested and piloted by thousands of students worldwide, giving accurate results teachers can rely on.

Taken online, students can do the tests anywhere with a broadband internet connection.

The tests are computer-adaptive, making them both quick and accurate. Questions are presented at just the right level of challenge, giving students a positive assessment experience.